Which of the following principles are key to relative dating

One easy way geologists can determine if young rocks have been moved to the bottom is by examining the layer for broken and faulted pieces.

This can indicate the rocks have been turned, twisted and moved by natural forces, such as continental shifts.

Biostratigraphy uses fossils to understand correlations between layers.

Species, as compared to the Earth's history, live for a relatively small amount of time before they either become extinct or evolve into another animal.

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Determining the precise way that sedimentary rocks have layered throughout time gives them insight into how natural events have occurred.

These concepts have also built scientists' perception of the Earth and its development since the beginning of time.

The principles are as follows: The Principle of Original Horizontality is a relatively simple concept: it states that sediments laid down on the Earth's surface will form even horizontal layers.

Though radiometric dating offers a modern way to date rocks, the principles of stratigraphy remain a tried and true way to learn about rock layers.

Stratigraphy, or the scientific study of rock layers, includes relative dating.

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