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We were in London, and by then he was about 380 pounds. What's really amazing is that she got on the plane with another guy. VK: [Long pause] I'm trying to imagine who would be the most forgiving. ELLE: Which would you have testify as a character witness? Following his elegant performance as a gay PI in last year's criminally overlooked Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, it seems time for Val Kilmer to be recognized again as a great Hollywood actor, and not simply as the guy whose misbehavior playbook Russell Crowe seems to have cribbed in order to formulate his own brilliant but insufferable industry rep. What's the one thing about divorce you learn only when you go through it? ELLE: Was the fact that she was really hot perhaps part of it? True, there are still things we will never fully comprehend about the 46-year-old onetime Batman—like how exactly photos of him making out with Paris Hilton got posted on the Internet earlier this year, and what he was doing playing Moses in a musical adaptation of The Ten Commandments—but still, give the Iceman his due. VK: You just don't understand humility until you have children and get divorced. But when kids are involved, you either become friends with respect or you become mortal enemies. Originally, Will Arnett was cast as the voice of K. Previous voice-work includes the part of Moses in the animated film The Prince of Egypt. His is the distinctive voice heard on GMC car and truck commercials, but K.

PHOTOS: Val Kilmer Through The Years The movie is set to begin filming in December in Palm Springs.

At age 17, he was the youngest student at the time to have been accepted to the drama division of The Juilliard School in NY.

He began his career on stage and got the coveted part of Hamlet in 1988 at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival.

“Jack is already causing a commotion because of his delicate, ethereal features,” a source tells Radar

“He looks like a young star who would drive female movie fans to distraction, just like Rob did when he first starred in Twilight.

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