Who is josh gibson dating

An amusing, apocryphal anecdote alluding to Gibson's legendary power is told about a home run he hit in Pittsburgh.The ball jumped out of the park like it was shot out of a cannon, clearing the fence and sailing out of sight.

A natural hitter, the right-handed slugger hit for both distance and average, and was the standard against whom other hitters were measured.

Many of the individual season marks that are accredited to him also are against all levels of opposition, including 75 home runs in 1931, 69 homers in 1934, and 84 homers in 1936 in 170 games.

Regardless of the uneven competition, his Power numbers are impressive.

Gibson was aptly titled "the black Babe Ruth," and his indomitable presence in the batter's box personified power and electrified a crowd.

The slugger's rolled up left sleeve revealed the latent strength in his massive arm muscles, and his eyes riveted the pitcher from beneath a turned up cap bill as he awaited the pitch with a casual confidence.

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