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A turning point came, Pearson says, with Forever by Judy Blume.Forever, published in 1975, “is noticeable as a book which tells of teens who want to have sex and do have sex and nothing bad happens”.The genre was coined in 2009 by the Manhattan publishing house St Martin’s Press to reflect a slightly older group of readers who were indulging in teen, or Young Adult,, which has 14 million members, is an American social networking website built around users’ reading habits.“Irresistible is about passion and love, touching rather than sex.” It is aimed at sophisticated teenagers aged 14 and above, but considering Gardner’s team picked it to capture “the Fifty Shades effect for teens”, the book seems curiously tame.However, Clare Hall-Craggs from Random House echoes the demand for “safer” teen fiction, “with romance rather than raw sex”.Hall-Craggs cites Beth Reekles, a 17-year-old author and a new signing for the publisher.Her novel The Kissing Booth topped the children’s i Books chart when it was released in December as an ebook.

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As you reach adulthood, your relationships may begin to evolve from hugging, holding hands, and kissing to more intimate behavior such as touching, experimenting, and sex – whether it is digital sex (fingering), vaginal sex, anal sex, and/or oral sex.

When Reekles’ debut novel is published in April, it will be one of the first in the bookshops of its kind. Jon Howells from Waterstones says that publishers are too.

“We’re aware of the Steamies/New Adult genre, but there has not been any significant publishing in this area in the UK yet.

Despite announcing itself as “the sexy new thing for teens”, Irresistible remains a cautionary coming-of-age tale with more hot air than bedroom action.

Brenda Gardner, managing director of Irresistible’s publisher, Piccadilly Press, explains that this is the mark of a Steamy.

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